All Locations Mokoko Seed in Copper in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has many collectible items that can be found in various fields. However, none of them is so numerous as wet seeds. These little seeds look like fruit and have a green glow. Mococo Seeds can be found on many Lost Ark Islands.

Hose has two wet seeds on it. Players will need to find them to complete this island. Once you have found seed, just come to it and press G to gather it. Here are all the locations of Mokoko seed for copper. .

Where to find all seeds mococo on copper in Lost Ark

Where To Find All Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis | Lost Ark seed locations

Medea is a PVP island, so watch out for other players when hunting here for wet seeds. Both seeds on this island are hidden, and they can be found for the barricade marked with Yellow Star .

This barricade has a decent amount of health, and it needs to be destroyed to assemble the wet seeds behind it. You can work with other players, just be careful not to accidentally hit them, otherwise they can attack you!

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