The last manga of Berserk arrives at the end of the year

Kentaro Miura's Final Chapter of Berserk...
For 33 years, the manga of _ Berserk _ captivated millions of fans around the world, inspired hundreds of works, and turned Guts into an icon of popular culture. However, after the sad and unexpected death of Kentaro Miura last year, this story came to an end in an inclusive way. In this way, Volume 41 and last manga will finally reach the West next November.

According to Dark Horse, editorial that is responsible for the publication of BERSERK in the United States, The last volume of the manga will be on sale from next November 9 in this country . At the moment it is unknown when Mexico and the rest of Latin America will have access to this material, but it will surely be in a similar period of time.

In Japan, Volume 41 arrived at the end of last year, and includes a cover created by MIURA before dying , and there was a special edition with an additional DVD. At the moment it is unknown if this material will also reach the West, or if we see something different.

BERSERK was an inspiration for many creative people. Titles like Dark Souls and elden Ring have a series of winks to the work of Miura , which clearly played a role when creating the dark and medieval worlds that characterize both fromSoftware games.

On related topics, this is the Easter Egg of Berserk in elden ring. In the same way, the fans have found the inspiration behind berserk.

Editor’s note:

It is a real shame the death of Kentaro Miura. Despite the bloody and dark that the story of berserk becomes sometimes, the adventures of guts come to the heart, and is one of the best exponents of the manga as an artistic means to tell a story, one that sadly will never have a real ending.