Pokemon Go: All missions, rewards and bonuses of the event take control of the Team Go Rocket

The Team Go Rocket does not stop committing Pokémon Go, but during the next few days they will more still attack the Poképaradas from all over the world on the occasion of the event Control Taking of Team Go Rocket , which is accompanied by a few Special missions, rewards, bonuses and much more we are going to review in the following guide.

All missions, rewards and bonuses of the event take control of the Team Go Rocket

Due to the massive appearance of Pokémon from the Alola region, the members of the Team Go Rocket have wanted to go for them, hence they have captured a few from these islands of the Pokémon Sol and Luna editions. Therefore, this is supposed to have the opportunity to capture them and purify them.

The existing dark Pokémon has just added Girafarig, Numel, Sudowouode and the forum forms of Exeggutor, Rattata and Sandshrew . In addition, thanks to the new special research task that has been enabled, you can challenge Arlo, Cliff and Sierra to get the Super Radar Rocket that will allow you to face Giovanni.

In the event that you do not want to purify dark Pokémon, over the next few days the loaded MTs will serve you to eliminate the frustration movement that you have been learned by default so that you can use another of your respective attack lists.

On the other hand, in the internal store of the game it has been put on sale a ROCKET box with a price of 1,275 Pokémonas , which may be a very high price, but includes a dozen Max. Potion, another dozen revivers and five ROCKET RADARS.

Finally, when rotating the poképaradas disk, you may come out any of these temporary missions that you have below. And it is important to emphasize that everything mentioned will remain active until April 7 .





Capture 3 dark Pokémon


Star powder x750.

Defeat a leader of Team Go Rocket


Encounter with Scraggy.

Defeat 2 recruits from Team Go Rocket


Hyperpool X2.

Revive x2.

Purify 3 dark Pokémon


Meeting with Sneash

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