Hearthstone unveils its Core Set for 2022 with the Explorers League

A whole new year will start on hearthstone in 2022, the perfect opportunity to refresh the Core Set. With a reworked fundamental set, and a little expanded, new strategies will be born. And this year, a famous band of archaeologists invites itself in the standard mode, since the explorers league makes its return.

72 new cards from the past

These are not less than 72 new cards that join the core set of heartthstone in 2022. But if this figure seems huge, 57 others leave the standard mode to lead the fundamental set of a total of 250 cards. It is therefore found the league of the full explorers, but also cards that have undergone some adjustments. Old combos are also reviewing the day, especially with the return of the wild pyromancer and equality costing again 2 mana crystals.

The Blizzard Card Catalog allows you to find all cards available in Core Set for this new year.

The last days of the first core set

With the arrival on April 12th of the extension in the heart of the englotted city , the fundamental set will change. 57 cards will give their place to propose new bases to the decks. This should balance the card account between each class, in addition to limiting the power of some. Will then disappear from standard mode:

  • CHAMAN –
    • Fury of the winds
    • Elementary loose
    • Serious-Totem Draenei
    • Elemental Earth
  • Hunter –
    • Hyena Chaovenarde
    • Weaver
    • Bear-shark
    • Hunter’s ax
    • Ready to shoot
    • Lord Cendrelangue
    • Azzinoth War Glaives
  • Warlock –
    • Infernal fright
    • Possessed villagers
    • Surved gangssor

  • Druid –
    • Enchanted raven
    • Landscaping
    • Guardian of menagerie
    • Druidness of Nordrassil
    • Former war
  • Warrior –
    • Officer Chanceguerre
    • War Cache

You Won't BELIEVE What is in the Core Set for 2022
* Voltigeuse Chanceguerre
* MAGE –
* Elementary water
* Mirror entity
* Deadly hero
* Drake of Frimarra

  • Paladin –
    • Sacred light
    • Continuation of justice
    • Guardian of kings
  • Priest –
    • Clerc Crimson
    • Shadow shape
    • Rejection of light
    • Natalie Seline
  • Thief –
    • Sectors of the blade
    • Patient Assassin
  • Neutral –
    • Arcane Anomaly
    • Silver squirrel
    • Master of the wheels
    • Young priestess
    • Mini mage
    • Crocilisk rivers
    • Toxicologist
    • Luisaile
    • Prophet of the terrestrial circle
    • Ghoul eating flesh
    • Ice frame
    • Wounded master master
    • King Mukla
    • Spider tank
    • Basil stone skin
    • Baron Vailfende
    • Berserker Gurubashi
    • Blanchetese Inquisitrice
    • Mechanical giant