PlayStation wants to buy more studies because success calls for success

It was last January that the videogame industry faced a great earthquake with the announcement of Microsoft’s intention to acquire Activision Blizzard by the sum of 70 billion dollars . Although the agreement has not yet been signed, the conclusion of this agreement should take place this summer once the pertinent filters pass. Soon after we were able to see A Sony repositioning with the advertisement of the Bungie acquisition (creators of Destiny) by the sum of 3,600 million dollars.

Turning Players Into Payers (The Jimquisition)
Subsequently, it was at the end of this month of January 2022 when Christopher Dring , close to PlayStation , had twitted through several publications Jim Ryan’s intentions for * The acquisition of other studies * . Since then, it is the CEO itself who has made statements during the last PlayStation podcast transcribed by VGC.

Jim Ryan confirms his intention to buy studies

In fact, it was during the last PlayStation podcast when Jim Ryan , President of PlayStation, confirmed that the brand was in negotiations for other agreements in the acquisition of several other studies.

Thanks to this affirmation, we understand that PlayStation has not finished buying studies. According to Jim Rayan’s words, “the xito calls the success“, and that is the philosophy that his studies have. Therefore, we can imagine that the firm will approach the larger studies to offer your community more and more Titles AAA .

However, for the moment, we have no idea what studies are you talking about. Of course, Sony is not the mastodon at an economic level that is Microsoft, so they are surely more purchases of small or medium-sized studies, or even intellectual properties such as Konami stops for a few years.