Matcho is a narrative fps with a mechanical of match 3

The Czech Studio Fiolasoft Studio has just announced Matcho, an amazing meeting between FPS and match 3 game that also focuses on the platform and narration.

The first thing that strikes with the discovery of this trailer, this is probably the place that Fiolasoft Studio seems to want to grant the narration, with its cinematics and characters not far from reminiscent of the fatal knack. The history is first of all that of Max, a 25-year-old Gaillard who spent the last 8 years of his life in the secret triagon laboratories to try to understand and cure the unknown disease of which he suffers, which manifests itself by Explosions of energy as uncontrollable as dangerous for his loved ones.

But it is this same illness that will be useful for coping with the insectoid creatures from space, whose energy signature strangely recalls that of max. The latter then launches a quest to save the general of triagon and understand the nature of the phenomenon that changed his life, not without taking advantage of it to finally discover the world around him.

Developed with the Unreal Engine 4 engine, matcho relies on a parkour system with double jump, wall stroke and rush in all directions to meet the platform sequences. The fighting, they will stand out by a tactical mechanics inspired by the match 3 which demands to eliminate enemies by realizing chains of three enemies of the same color.

Matcho (a Match-3 FPS) - Official Announcement Trailer

Matcho is announced for this year on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Translated into French, the game will be doubled in English and Czech.