After collapse: Colbrelli was used defibrillator

On March 21, Sonny Colbrelli was collapsed at the open-bar of the Catalonia tour in the target as a result of heart problems.
As his team announced Bahrain Victorious on Saturday, the Italian has been used a defibrillator.
After the successful procedure, which was already made on Thursday according to its Equipe, the 31-year-old has left the hospital in Padua.
“The decision to implant this life-saving device was taken in consultation with Colbrelli. With this device, the cardiac rhythm can be corrected in extreme cases if necessary,” explained Professor Domenico Corrado, who had coordinated the treatment of the driver.

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Colbrelli will continue its recovery in his Italian homeland.

“It’s a miracle that I still live. Now I need another way to get back to the saddle,” Colrelli said the Italian newspaper “Gazzetta dello Sport”.