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The 5 most difficult Dungeons of The Legend of Zelda

At the beginning of this week, Nintendo confirmed what many of us feared and others already saw coming. It happens that the sequel de _ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild _ will not be arriving in our hands until the spring of 2023, that is, there is still a year, and possibly up to a little more, to enjoy From this anticipated title. While we wait for your eventual arrival, we decided to review a bit of its history by examining what the five most difficult Dungeons have been in games of this franchise to date.

Turtle Rock – Link’s Awakening

We start this listing with Turtle Rock, a dungeon that without a doubt caused many headaches for those who had the opportunity to travel on Link’s Awakening. Even though this dungeon does not require a key to enter, it will be necessary to face a boss to access him and once inside, things become more confusing. Traps, puzzles, and a variety of enemies make it travel this dungeon be a challenge, besides that, even with the map, it is not always clear where we should go or what we should do.

Sandship – Skyward Sword

Despite being one of the best designed Dungeons in Skyward Sword, the reality is that Sandship was also one of the most complex for a variety of reasons. The players had to alternate between the past and the present to solve puzzles, something that turned out to be much more confused than thought. Not only that, but some of the enemies found in this dungeon were extremely annoying to defeat, and considering that Skyward Sword did not have the best control scheme at the time, this made it even more complicated.

Tower of Spirits – Spirit Tracks

The Tower of Spirits is the central Dungeon of Spirit Tracks, so it will be necessary to return to him a crowd of times as you progress in the game. This is a much longer dungeon compared to others in the saga with a total of 30 floors. Link must have several Phantom Knights, each with the unique skills of him, in order to move forward. If you do not know where to go once you take control of a Phantom Knight, and you get to the wrong place, then you’ll have to start from scratch and for that time it will be difficult for you to remember what you were doing or you should do.

Stone Tower Temple – Majora’s Mask

The 5 Hardest Zelda Dungeons

The fourth and last dungeon in Majora’s Mask is one of the most difficult not only of this game, but of the entire franchise in general. To access the Stone Tower Temple you will need the three mask transformations and extensive knowledge about the mechanics of the title to move forward. The Goron Mask will help you walk on lava, while the deku mask will serve you to fly, and many other times, it will not even be necessary to use a mask to progress when the game makes you think so. There are two mini bosses, a portion where you should flip from head to the temple, and puzzles that are all, less easy.

Water Temple – Ocarina of Time

Of course, this list could not be complete without the infamous Water Temple of Ocarina of Time. What made this dungeon so difficult? The main mechanics consisted of rising and lowering the water level to resolve puzzles, which is something quite confusing and requires a lot of experimenting and backtracking before knowing exactly what you should do. In the original version of Nintendo 64 it was necessary to equip and constantly remove the iron boots, which was tedious and annoying. As if that were not enough, we also have a fight against Dark Link to top off.