Mainz: Niakhate According to Svensson one of the best 05

“Nobody should be so easy, but we all know that good players are in demand. For St. Juste, the season is curious, because of two shoulder surgery, he comes to eight Bundesliga inserts so far. Both are in the middle of their career and the question is Also, what you see as your next step, “emphasizes Svensson. The Dutch of St. Juste has been in the sick leave since the op in February, whether he returns to the square this season is open.

“If the course is like the operation of the right shoulder, then maybe he’ll be able to do a few games, but you do not know yet. The rehab is doing well. In addition, it does not make the guys who are playing there now bad. Jeremiah has to come to 100 percent to get past them. There is no free trip, not for Jer, “said the 05 coach.

To stay, Svensson does not want to force anyway, which is why Adam Szalai also received the release for a change to FC Basel in mid-February, although in the Bundesliga the transfer window was closed and Mainz could not get a replacement. The thin headcurrent in the attack could now take revenge because Delano Burgzorg fails because of a heart muscle inflammation and the use of Jonathan Burkardt is questionable because of a muscle hardening in the thigh on Sunday at Borussia Mölnchengladbach (5.30 pm, live! At season). At Burgzorg, the next control examinations will be available after the diagnosis in mid-March. From the result, depend on whether he can start with easy training.

In all individual quality, the lust must be present, Bundesliga in Mainz 05 to play.

Bo Svensson

“Also gives other forces that work” – how long St. Juste and Niakhaté still stay?

The names Niakhaté and St. Juste falls in Mainz again and again when it comes to possible transfer revenue in the coming summer. Both are still under contract until 2023, now let themselves be large with them. “Completely detached from the names you have to keep in mind with very good players that each club wants to keep a long time that the motivation on the first training day in the new season continues to be present. In all individual quality, the lust has to be present be to play Bundesliga near Mainz 05. Otherwise, you need new guys who bring that. Of course, Niakhaté and St. Juste would prefer to stay longer, but there are other forces that seem, “says Svensson.

“Moussa is a superior captain for me”

Sur les traces de Moussa Niakhaté | Le Rock Franco-Sénégalais de Mayence en Bundesliga

In the season conversation, the 05 coach allows the promotion of Niakhaté to the captain before this season also served to motivate the 26-year-old French to another season at FSV. On the question of whether the Fielderbanden is not an argument to remain the central defender this summer, Svensson answers: “It may also be that before this season was a good argument to bring him back to the task again Mainz 05 that he can grow in personality. It is not surprising that he feels comfortable in this role. Everyone who has spent a little time with Moussa knows that he brings to Leader qualities. He will definitely admit that he has learned through the role of many things this season, maybe things that have surprised him negatively, that responsibility can also be stressful. But Moussa has grown with the task and for me a superior captain. He belongs to me The best, who have worn the 05 captain’s nobility. “