Fortnite: the new mechanics that is going crazy to professional players

The simple mortals We spent most of our time this season without classifying, where the Construcciones no longer exist and the game recovers its forgotten flavor. But among professionals, it is a completely different music. In competitive, the construction is still relevant in Fortnite, and it is also combined with new outgoing scalar mechanics . And of course, this combination gives rise to jugadas simply revolutionary, which run the risk of transforming the games of the most consecrated players.

faster, higher

This second season is still very fresh, but we can quickly see the incredible potential of the new escaladas mechanics . It gives your character the ability to “jump” vertically taller, literally, if the clamping is not too long.

The footage of above is the G2 player, Letshe, enjoying the new feature. She promises great things for those who know how to handle it and allows you to climb more quickly than with classic construction methods.

window to window

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As you can see below, some players have even found a method of escalation even faster . When editing a central window on the walls, it is possible to hang from one cornice to another, climb vertically without losing momentum (or almost). It could be said that this is the fastest way (and saves more material) to gain altitude in Fortnite.

This last technique, however, has its faults since you are very vulnerable at the time of your climb. It remains to be seen how professionals will adopt this mechanics in competitive items, but it is still an asset to keep under the elbow in many situations to make rapid and economic rotations.