Coming into Archery: a new zone and a redesigned archpass

For a few months now, the developer XL Games and his parent company Kakao Games have taken over the Western operation of the ARCHEAGE license – following Gamigo . The transition has not been smooth and the new operator now focuses on the sanitation of the in-game economy of the MMORPG, trying to fight the bots and Gold Sellers (the studio chains banings).

In this context, Kakao Games took advantage of his recent Kakao Now (with some of his future projects this year for the main titles of his catalog) to sketch the future of archery and ARCHAGE: UNCHAINED .

ELYON | Coming in 2022: Archer (New Class)
It is first and foremost that the Archepass (the Battle Pass d’Archeage: Unchained) clearly difficult to seduce the players who judge him “boring”. The operator therefore intends to make it more attractive, and will integrate new monthly awards. As early as March 31, the new version of the Archepass will allow, in particular, to unlock the _claim frame frame, a frame awarding a speed bonus but also with a stealth capability. From April 28, it is the typhoon_drake that will join the Archepass.

No doubt more meaningful, this summer, archery will be enriched by a new area: the great meadow of the West. Kakao Games is little loquacious on the country, but nevertheless specifies that it was the territory of origin of the firrans (the people of Felines of the Archery World). If their exodus of the great meadow of the West goes back far now, the place always houses remains of the origins of the Firrane civilization and will learn more about their origins. Kakao Games teams promise details gradually in the coming weeks.