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“Fort Night” New Season “Resistance” Open Stars with Various Additional Elements! Notice on humanitarian assistance initiatives to Ukraine

Epic Games starts chapter 3 · Season 2 “ Resistance ” in “ Fort Night “, plot “Fort Night” for people affected by Wars conducted in Ukraine We announced the initiative of humanitarian assistance held above.

The new season “Resistance” adds a variety of elements that are new protection after shielding and physical fitness, and various elements that begin to upgrade moving, including climbs. Many additional elements and changes, such as the ingot system that re-appear and the armored battle bus production using it, etc. are introduced at the official site.

This season’s battle path begins with the アン 2.0, which is immediately unlocked after purchase, and can obtain various characters including the doctor and strange.

In addition, the humanitarian assistance program held on the “Fort Night” announced is supported by the EPIC, the Pure Night, which takes place on the “Fort Night”, from March 20th to April 3 Direct relief, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), an international union World Food Plan (UNWFP), UN UNHCR Association (UN UNHCR Association). The above four groups are currently listed, and it is announced that more groups are added in the coming weeks.

This program targets purchase using real currency during the period, and purchasing using V-BUCKS is not eligible. Fort Night Subscriptions are subject to updates that have been processed within the period. Xbox also agrees with this booking, and it is said that it is said that net sales from all sales of Fort Night Content in Microsoft Store are used to donate.

Understanding the Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust: Problems of Context and Chronology

There is also a note such as noting that a specific group listed in the list can not be donated, so please refer to the official site notices for details on our efforts.