When Microsoft makes serious, the PlayStation will soon be in the terminal

At the beginning of the year, Microsoft has simply clizzard to the nail for around 69 billion US dollars. At Sony, the alarm bells should ring at the latest. Because if Microsoft goes to the whole, I see black for the PlayStation – it also changes the takeover of bungie nothing.

What if… Microsoft’s shopping tour continues?

Xbox Buying Out E3
Anyone who so far thought that the gaming division for Microsoft is only a marginal note, white since mid-January that is not that way. Proud 69 billion US dollars leaves the huge group behind Windows, Xbox, Skype and Co. for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard jumping and catapults with the third place of the world’s largest gaming publishers – right behind Sony and Tencent.

But that’s what now is enough for a while now, right? May be that Microsoft is now a bit quieter first and fills his cashier. But I think that the company could significantly harm behind the Xbox of the PlayStation, if it would simply continue to shop .

Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix, Take-Two – who looks at the market capitalization of these unbelievably well-known publishers and they compares them with the Blizzard by Activision will detect that they only a fraction of the Group behind Call of Duty, Wow and Candy Crush value are .

And as Microsoft’s reserves are so heavy about the $ 140 billion (source: CNBC), after purchasing Activision Blizzard, there would be still enough money to swallow two or even three more companies – and that could consequence that far-reaching consequences if Microsoft subsequently plays a trump, that causes the bulk of the player showing properly in front of the head .

_What follow the acquisition of Activision Blizzard really could have for you, colleague Maxi explains in the video: _

What if… Microsoft brings all games only for the Xbox?

Let’s spin the thought. Microsoft has actually bought in a fictional parallel universe next to Activision Blizzard Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix and Take-Two. What now? Well, Phil Spencer has already announced that Call-of-Duty fans can continue to play the shooter on the PlayStation in the coming years, but honestly: What would him stop it from breaking this promise? A few contracts? Then you pay the appropriate criminal sum and goes on!

Of course, Microsoft would offer all the games of the purchased studios only exclusively for the Xbox , the outcry in the gaming community would initially be Game Passntic – a shitstorm never existed extent. But among us: Will the GTA fan really do not get Xbox if GTA 6 is only on the Microsoft console? Will the FIFA fan of the football series say good? And will the long-standing Assassin’s Creed player turn the backside? A small part maybe, yes. The majority, on the other hand, will bite in the acidic apple and get a xbox – assumed Microsoft does not shift its complete gaming offer within the next few years in the cloud.

Would Microsoft would make massive revenue in the first years of flutes? No question! But if the company is cross-financed this project with its other products, you could certainly handle the monetary. And why that’s all? Quite simply: To get the people away from the PlayStation and get into the Game Pass. If that alone is not enough, you could also reduce the price of Xbox consoles to create another purchase price for the players. And if the Xbox then offers not only much more popular games than the PlayStation, but also cheaper than the Sony console is, the choice is likely to fall slightly for many players.


Sony takes over Bungie: Playstation boss clearly makes: “We are not finished for a long time.”

Robert Kohlick

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The inserted PlayStation fans who bought the console only for exclusive games for Uncharted, The Last of Us, Horizon, God of War and Co. will most likely remain faithful – The wide mass would be the PlayStation in such a Scenario probably give the running pass , the purchase of the former halo developer bungie should not change anything. And since the Nintendo Switch would not be an adequate alternative for many players, Microsoft would have the reins in his hand.

What if… does not bother the cartel office?

But that would probably never happen. After all, the cartel offices would have to give the acquisitions in advance of their blessing and would eventually advancil Microsoft, right? Probably yes. Finally, it is part of their task to prevent monopoly formation.

But what exactly would count in this context as a monopoly or as quasi-monopoly? The PlayStation could continue to be part of the market, even if they only play the second violin. And then there would be the Nintendo Switch, who could also win dozens of millions of players for themselves. In addition, Microsoft also has the argument on its side that when incorporating this whole publisher is only the purchase of suppliers, with which one does not competit anyway and therefore does not harm the competition. That would be roughly as if BMW buys a company that has built certain parts for their cars so far. Maybe that’s enough to let the cartel offices go through the thing?

Yes? No? Maybe? Honestly, I do not know. But I know that Sony would have damn bad cards if Microsoft is actually going on all and my thought experiment would prove. To create with Microsoft, Sony is missing in good German to say the necessary change. Well, let’s put the thumbs that all my considerations remain exactly that: consideration – because otherwise I see black for the PlayStation.