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F1 2021: Video series: action-packed scenes in Japan

F1 2021 - Suzuka International Racing Course (Japanese Grand Prix) - Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]
The league in F1 2021 is in full swing and it is getting more and more exciting. In the latest video, we deny an exciting race at the Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan. Fast rounds, grandiose overtaking maneuvers and lots of safety car sessions await you. Have fun with the video and write in the comments, whether you are looking forward to the Formula 1 season 2022? If you want to support us, then this video will be shared, Subscribed the swing YouTube channel, leaving a thumbs up, if you liked the video – and activates the bell to be immediately notified as soon as you will be notified a new video is released.