All famous spells in Hogwarts Legacy

The developers of Avalanche Software have finally published more information about their long-awaited adaptation of the Harry Potter Universe. Hogwarts heritage . One of the disclosed things was spells that players will be able to use in their journey to solve various puzzles and events.

Here is a list of all named spells that you can use in Hogwarts Heritage, in alphabetical order:

  • Accio is a call spell that attracts everything to you that you impose it.
  • Avad Kedago – The series fans know that this spell is a deadly curse. We do not know when it will be used in the game, but it can not be good.
  • Descendo – This spell will allow you to raise the object and throw it to the ground.
  • Diffindo – This spell allows you to cut items and tear them into parts.

  • Wheel frustration – This spell will allow you to hide yourself regardless of what surrounds you.
    EXELLELLIMUS – Fans know this spell as knocking out objects from the hands of enemies.
    Insendio – Unlike Lyumos, this spell is set on the subject.

Every Spell Confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy!

LUMMUM – This spell creates a light that allows you to see in dark places and corridors.
* Petristen Totalus – This spell binds enemies and immobilizes them for a while.
* Prothey – Like its name, this spell protects you with a shield, and also reflects spells and other weapons abandoned in you.
Reparo – This spell will allow you to repair broken items, how it repairs the broken bridge in the trailer.
* Cooker – This spell is stunning enemies for a short time.
* Wizgardium Levios – Film fans remember this famous phrase from the first part, but this spell allows things to fly with the weight of the pen.

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