Kotone Quarter View ADV “TUNIC” Release-Bondless Visual Bondless Action Elements

Finji announced the release of “ TUNIC ” of Andrew Shouldice development, and announced a launch trailer release.

This work is a quarter view action adventure that adventures the island where child guts is devastated. The player is a lost legend and an ancient power, and sometimes it takes place with a violent monster, and will unlike a long lost secret.

In the game, in addition to collect elements such as “Restoration of Scripture”, you can enjoy a variety of avoidance and versatile and technical combat utilizing Paris. We receive a pretty impression from the art style of this work, but in the trailer released on the same day, the violent boss who can burced the main character’s child guster is unveiled. Xbox Wire has an element that the item used even if you died is picked up, and the STEAM store tag is finished in the game where “Dark Seoul” or “Metroid Vania” exists. It seems that.

“TUNIC” is on sale for PC (steam / itch.io/epic Games / GOG.com / Humble Bundle) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. It is also possible to play Japanese and can play on Xbox Game Pass from the first day.