Immortality: the next Sam Barlow shows his reel and will come out this summer in the Game Pass

The creator of Her Story and Telling Lies will return this summer with Immortality, a new film production that was unveiled a little more about the showcase ID @ Xbox.

While waiting for the game to be announced on other platforms, it is the Xbox Series and PC players who will have the first of the next production of Sam Barlow, especially if they subscribe Game Pass since the game will debut in the Subscription next summer. After Her Story and TELLING LIES , IMMORTALITY Start on the full motion video to tell its story. This time, the story revolves around a rising star of the cinema, Marissa Marcel, missing at the same time as his three films.

That we speak of ambrosio (1968), of minsky (1970) or two of everything (1999), these films led by different directors have never come out while they were all imagined to put the actress in value. From what can be seen on the trailer, the player will meet again in the skin of someone responsible for conducting the investigation by reconstructing the fragments of a great enigma by means of video extracts, but With new interactions as the possibility of zooming on parts of the image to perform transitions to new scenes, whether moving extracts or sliding slides.


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