Elden ring a complete success

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment celebrate the commercial success of Elden Ring.

The Action-RPG Elden Ring of Developers from Software and Publisher Baindai Namco Entertainment is not only playfully a success, the project has already paid out the project for both companies. How both companies have announced, the game alone has already sold over a million times in Japan and there are even 12 million pieces worldwide. This is likely to comply with approximately 750 million US dollars. No less impressive is the fact that fromSoftware has published the title worldwide at the same time in 14 different languages.


Also with us Elden Ring, where also author George R.r. Martin, the creator of the fantasy series has worked the song of ice and fire, with the top grade. The Japanese have created an open game world that invites not only to linger, but also offers numerous challenges. There is a successful gameplay, only the story could have been a bit rousing to our taste.

Yasuo Miyakawa, President and CEO of Bandai Namco Entertainment has already announced that the brand is further expanded and not only limited to games.

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