What does Evergall Lord Challenger hide in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, players will face various locations that are stiguously protected by enemies and bosses. Knowing what hidden award is available in every particular place, facilitates players planning its approach. Evergaol Lord-Challenger is one of the places where players have to fight the boss to earn awards.

That Evergaol Lord Challenger Located west of the first church of Marik in the mountain peaks of the East Giants. Players will face with Round table Knight Vaik inside this Evergaol. Having won it, you will get fingerprint armor Install and spell dragon arrows Vaka .

Where to find armor with fingerprints

Elden Ring Godfrey First Elden Lord Cheese Exploit, skip stage 1, easy kill stage 2

Players can get to Evergeala, jumping in Spiritual source Located right under the mountain, west of the first church of Marik. The area is surrounded by wolves-undead, so be sure to use torrent easily skip them. Reaching the top, activate Evergaol to get inside and fight with a riveted wickey knight.

Armor with fingerprints is one of the best sets that players can use in Elden Ring. The armor herself has an equilibrium attribute 19, and carrying a complete set of fingerprints to the fingerprints this attribute to 40. Similarly, the spell of the Dragon Arrow Waka strengthens the right hand and the body of the red zipper caster. Applying this spell costs 35 FP and takes only one memory slot. Players must have the attribute of faith 23 to play this spell. However, this spell reduces the denial of lightning damage.

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