This CS: Go Wordle spinoff lets you weapons

Competitive CS:GO but you can Only See Sound
There are always the simple games that conquer the world in the storm and Wordle is not different. The web-based puns of Josh Wardle bought by the New York Times has triggered an onslaught on quick and simple thinking sports tasks that are updated every day. And if the word-based game is not enough, someone has created a version for Counter-Strike: Global offensive fans with the best CS: Go Skins created.

CS: Gördle takes the proven Wordle format, but gives it a CS: Go-Touch – by replacing letters through categories and words by skins. They have eight attempts to guess the skin – and after their first guess you have to find out if they are on the right track by watching the condition, the rarity, the price, the color, the weapon and the category view.

For example, if the skin of the day is a brand new brand M4A4 Asiimov and tap you on a factory new M4A4 Bullet Rain, the boxes for condition, rarity and weapon would be green. The category box indicates whether a weapon T-sided, CT sided or both – so you should go through your buying menu options before you try this.

At the moment, CS: Gördle contains only arms skins, so you do not expect to put your knowledge about knife skins on the sample. The creator, hello “plans also to create an indication button in the future – early feedback from reddit suggests that people feel it as a little challenge.

But it is not so difficult as to get into the CS: GO ranks. Finally, the attempt is to make Global Elite while using the best CS: Go-Fadenkreuz, quite a performance. At least a nice little game will help you to drive the time between the games.