Where to find “Stray Memories” Another story in the “Lost Ark”

Wandering Memories Another Story is a complex quest, because there is no marker or tips. We recommend complete the scene line Shushir before starting this quest. As soon as you complete the main storyline, the level of your equipment will be high enough so you can do it right away.

Where is the other history of wandering memories?

Go to the area of ​​ice heights on Continent Shushir to start this quest. Go to the Rock of Greymore, south of Miragekeep and west of the Dungeon of Maze of Mirrors. Talk to the archaeologist Aikke.

As soon as the quest leads you to the south side of the card, you will fall into the ambush by monsters. Be prepared to fight with many monsters in this quest, although it is not a combat quest. Basically this is the search for the transition from one point to another.

Mandatory quests Locked footprints , His missing friends , slippery cliff and also Found memories . Quest Lingering Footprints is close to the completion of the main mission of Shushire, so you can complete the main mission and get equipment before starting this.

Awards for Quest:

  • 157 000 XP
  • 1440 Team experience glasses
  • 26 000 silver
  • Potion kindness
  • Two any deck of cards
  • 50 Golden

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