WWE 2K22 in the test: Risen after the knockout

WWE 2K22 has a lot of good care. The predecessor WWE 2K20 had a dramatic development history. After the departure of the long-standing Japanese main developer studio Yuke’s NBA-2K developer Visual Concepts had to stop the game alone for the first time, which ended in a mad spotted catastrophe.

Now finally came, which in the face of the age-weak ground true (whose technical roots go back to the PS2 era) for a long time ago: they broke with the tradition of publishing a WWE game annually to all within the additional year of development thus obtained Modernize and belong to dust.

Nevertheless, WWE 2K22 appeared with some delay must now show whether the series is now really counted or if they can call up again and can attach to a furious comeback. Say: Did you send the Geriatric athlete to sustainable strength training? Or only the skin tightened and the hair colored?

we played
WWE 2K22 appears for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One. For this test, however, we played the title only on the PS5. Trial version was the Deluxe Edition with additional skins.

Accessible control

“It Hits Different” is the promissory for the game and promises a clear turn. What is revealed to connoisants of the predecessors after a short time after a short time is that WWE 2K22 actually helped. The developer studio has undergone the game mechanics of a radical fresh cell cure. Way with the very unobsome control scheme in the later yuke’s years, with a more complicated, arcadiger concept.

In fact, the control reminds something to the early smackdown! Games. You each have a button for light blow, hard blow, handle and block. To do this, the rear triggers used in combination come to execute or interact special maneuvers. Already after short familiarization, the fighting floors incredibly good and intuitive.

Especially the counter and dodge, the fresh cell cure has really well. Although the defensive times are still bound to certain points in the animation phases, but the game seems to forgive here than the predecessors, which sometimes demanded a correct keystroke within second fractions. Thus, WWE 2K22 becomes more accessible and finally allows liquid, not too complicated matches, which can still be spectacular.

This makes the game very well suited for beginners, which may have been overwhelmed with the previous, quite complex control. Also long overdue: the “stop the cursor at the right point” mini-game (which was used for approx. Pins or submission) were replaced again by simples, classic buttons hammers. Much better!

Uncanny Valley Wrestling

Another criticism that moved like a red thread through the numerous predecessors were the wrestler themselves. Plastic figures that move uneven and hip rigid through the ring, do not have much to do with the show sports. WWE 2K22 does not solve this problem completely, but at least partially. The animations have much more fluid and more realistic than before. Do not misunderstand: Here there is still an optimization requirement. But at least one has done a step in the right direction.

Also, the textures of the wrestlers are now much more realistic. No wonder, developer studio visual concepts proves with the NBA 2K series every year that athletes do not have to look like rubbers in video games. The skin textures with their pores and realistic blinds make the show fighters look almost like a TV transfer in the correct settings.

It could be perfect – if you could not shaped in modeling. Despite modern facial scans, barely one of the almost 200 playable WWE athletes looks like he (or she) should look. All WWE superstars seem to be about 75 percent of them. It may also be a major part of the Uncanny Valley effect, which is more clearly for carrying through the photorealistic textures than the prime games of the prime games.

Even the still like to ps2 times fluttering, coarse hair strands do not contribute to realism. Granted while the action in the ring is not too important that, but you should necessarily improve for the inevitable continuations. If Stone Cold Steve Austin looks like an identical clone of Bill Goldberg, something is wrong.

Wrestlift variety

In terms of game modes, the WWE series has never disappointed, and even in WWE 2K22, a lot can be made off the normal matches. You can compete in cages, fighting with special rules, compete in the Royal Rumble or slip out in the backstage area. The latter is an open section in which you can move freely – there are even ladders to climb to higher catwalks. You can misunderstanding items, boxes and tables, or relocate the match into the underground car park where parked cars are waiting for their opponent to the lacquer.

If the pure matches are too boring, you will also try to try as a general manager by putting a squad together based on a given budget and plans see shows. For this purpose, your match starts, Storylines pursues for champion titles and heats the whole thing with events that you can specify for the matches. For example, interferences of rivals leading to disqualification but are conducive to the drama. This “mygm” mode simulates the organizational work in greatly simplified form, which is behind the weekly WWE shows, and faces a Ki-controlled troop as competition.

Almost as in the right wrestling world, in which WWE also radiates the brands RAW, Smackdown and NXT. The planned matches may either play themselves, leaving them from the Ki or just let the results simulate. Of course, playing is important if you want to draw a character in certain tracks to attract spectators. At the end of each show there is then summaries of quotas, profit and even social media posts that can show you the way.

Another game mode is the showcase, which is all about the career of Rey Mysterio this year. Here you experience a mix of cutouts of certain TV shows commented by Rey Mysterio itself, and matching gameplay. In the ring, you have to do predefined tasks to advance the event to the actual events.

Klopper career

And then there is still the myrise story mode in which you would like to work up to you as (in the excellent CAW editor) home-bastard wrestler starting in the training center. Through talks with other wrestlers or actions you have the opportunity to take the path of the heel (villain) or the babyface (good). Here, however, the mitchless between the matches lifeless and stiff-stiff co-resistors were very negative.

In addition, you will find a mix of collecting card game and wrestling matches in the main menu with the new MyFaction mode. Here you buy yourself for in-game currency, which deserves you in matches, virtual cards to put together a team with which you put in matches. In addition to wrestlers there are special cards to collect the special skills unlock or grant buffs.

You can imagine the approximately like Magic: The Gathering with wrestlers and hand-festivated struggles. Of course, the game leads you here also tempted to buy in-game currency against real money, but this is not a must. If you want to accumulate currency, you have to practice patience and play a lot.

WWE 2K22 MyRise - Ep 4 - It's Time To Sign With....

Time for the next step

Allowing to meet all content in detail would bless the scope of this article. Basically, for Wrestling fans is only one thing important: the WWE games are finally on the right track. The attempt over the years trying to make a serious simulation from the originally very arcady game, the great wrestling god was transported thanks to starting over the top rope. Surely WWE 2K22 is still far away from being perfect, but it is probably the best wrestling game since the license after the THQ bankruptcy turned to 2K.

The numerous compromises, which are still due to the ancient basic engine, you have to forgive them. As long as the games with this antiquated technical scaffolding sell well enough, 2k probably will not work on a second team in the background to put some timely on the legs. That would be the right step now: Visual Concepts should take everything you have learned after the departure from Yuke’s about wrestling games and relocate into a modern robe. Way with the contaminated sites, here with the next generation.

To come back to comparison with the aging wrestler: WWE 2K22 has shown that apart from the refreshed hair color still lives in the hoped body, but after this good comeback he should urgently think of retirement – the artificial Hip joints do not hold forever. The career has exceeded its zenith, and he has to be aware of it. The undertaker can sing a song of it.