Goddess of Victory: Nike New PV, Global Hits 300 million

Level Infinite announced on the 11th that the new PV (promotion video) of the Global Cumulative VIDEO has exceeded the global cumulative view of the Global Cumulative Views.

The new PV released with recruitment of Focus Group Test (FGT) last 7 days with the recruitment of the new PV is about 2 minutes, the goddess of victory: Nikke’s world view and the play screen dynamically.

Nike : Goddess of Victory | Greek Mythology
The teaser image was released in about three months after the first teaser PV full verion announcement, and it was a little bit of the fans who waited for a formal launch.

Especially in the fourth day of the disclosure, the Cumulative views on YouTube and Twitter channels in the Twitter channels, a 120 million views of North America, and the 124 million views in North America, and in North America, in North America, the Harmony in North America, and in Japan, the Harmony in Japan is the atmosphere.

The game teaser video is a very unusual achievement, which is very unusual to match the FGT news of the game, and the expectations of the users on the formal launch of the formal launch are held.

‘The Goddess of Victory: Nikke’ is a mobile game with a Post Apocalypse-based worldview, which is the main character of the battle humanoid life that is fighting for humanity in the world that is in the world that is the end of unidentified weapons.

When fighting, the animation work has been performed so that the character’s personality is revealed in various movements, such as shooting and reloading, and it feels 3D space with detailed won.

In addition, we will combine new fun, which combines the card collection elements and tactics that the deck strategy acts as a leader, and the new fun that was not conventional.

Other images of ‘winning goddess: Nicke’ can be found through the official YouTube.