Update: Foreskicken moved by several months

After the shift of foresken on October 2022 there is now a new trailer.

Update from 10.03.2022: The displacement of Forspoken from May in October is annoying, but Square Enix has published a new trailer at yesterday’s state of Play. In it you see how Frey not only uses your magically reinforced martial arts, but also your parking tour skills with velvet a companion to defend yourself against the creatures in Athia.

Among other things, she struggles against Giga’s, a riesenoger, and the flying apsarivis. For example, they set blasting shots, hurls storm arrows or electricity around and can even manipulate water barriers.

Original message from 09.03.2022: The Action-RPG foresken, which is currently being created at the Team Luminous Productions, appears only on October 11, 2022 . This communicated Publisher Square Enix now via Twitter. Actually, the game should come on the market for the PC and the PlayStation 5 on 24 May.

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Concrete reasons did not communicate the Japanese company as it is a completely new brand for Square ENIX, one would like to ensure that the quality of the action role-playing game with Adventure elements is sufficient to meet its own standards. Finally, the adventure to inspire the protagonist Frey players around the world over the years. Further details will follow soon.

In Forspoken, she slips into the role of New Yorkin Frey, which is transported by a betrayal power in the cruel land Athia. From there she has to look for her way home. But not only that arrived in this foreign land, she realizes that she suddenly has magical skills. Not only do they help their travels, but they have to master these skills to defend themselves against oversized creatures and all sorts of vestiers.

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