Gran Turismo 7: All others move in sports

You start the first time the sport mode of Gran Turismo 7 and your opponents are sometimes faster half a minute, though your fault-free ride? Do not worry, your counterparty cheats, you just got your car tuned. This is allowed in sport mode, but has certain limitations – depending on the race. As you rausholt the most from your car and still drive within the regulations, we show you in this guide. If you want to know more about Gran Turismo 7, then a look at our test!

In the first of the daily races available so far, three cars are given to you. These are the Toyota Aqua S, the Mazda Demio XD Touring and Honda Fit Hybrid. Since the Japanese High Speed ​​Ring in Hokkaido is a high speed price, so many straight lines and also includes curves in which you can shoot with proper speed, a particularly high top speed is important. The highest final speed of the three prescribed cars you will receive with the Aqua S. So get this car if you do not have it anyway.

Gran Turismo 7 Multiplayer Tuning Ruins Sport Mode!

Then it goes into the tuning workshop. In general, the tuning is always an eye on the rules of the respective event. Builds you too many elements, you will soon no longer compete with your car because it brings too much kW to the start. However, there are two important parts that you can use to counterable and you should install it in any of your cars you want to use in sports mode. With the engine force limiter, you can counteract too much power tuning, with the ballast you can raise the weight of the car again, you should have expanded too many parts for weight loss.

One point in ballast corresponds to one kilo. So you can bring your car to the weight that prescribes the lower limit of the event. Since the aqua can not build a turbocharger, you should install all high-quality parts for performance improvement that you want. In the case of weight reduction, you only need to install level 1. Saves you the rest, because you already with the cheapest option under the prescribed 1000 kg. On better tires or a nitrous gas injection it also omitted, as they are prohibited in the regulations of the first race. You save a pile of money.

In the future, even more events and even entire championships are extended in sports mode. With our basics of tuning you should end up at least technically but always on the pole position. Have you helped our tips? Which car starts in the second event? Write it in the comment area to help other players.

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