“Monster Hunter Rise” updated at the sale for Nintendo Switch. When buying “over-kook” full version and “NARITA BOY”

Nintendo e shop in the March 8, a new sale of Nintendo Switch for the title has started. In this paper, including those that started today before, to introduce a few pick up the sale title of attention.

Become a centerpiece at this time of the sale was “Monster Hunter Rise”. It has become a yen 3950 of 34% off, updating the lowest price of the Nintendo e shop. In addition, in-game items such as wearing equipment and wearing parts of the same work to be shipped “Deluxe Edition” is 4700 yen, 32% off, various DLC pack has become a 25% off. Sale period of the work until March 29.

Title Team17 publishers to sell also, update some lowest price. First cyber action adventure “Narita Boy” to draw a battle in the game program is 1028 yen of 60% off. Action to adventure the magic of the world while switching the three characters “Greek: storage of Azul” is 1025 yen, 50 percent off. £ 1641 of cooking battle game “Epic Chef” 40% off to do from food procurement. Up to four people co-op corresponding dungeon search action “Rogue Heroes: Teisosu ruins of” 820 yen of 60% off. Ruins office search action “Going Under” is 512 yen of 75% off. The complete version of the popular cooking action game “Overcooked -! Over Cook kingdom full course of” has become a 2050 yen of 50% off.

The addition to the title you have updated the lowest price, ruins search roguelike action “Curse of the Dead Gods” is ¥ 1736 of 30% off. Turn-based strategy RPG “Othercide (The Other Side)” is ¥ 2518 of 33% off. “Test Drive Unlimited” racing game “gear Club Unlimited 2” developer has worked on the 1890 yen of 64% off. Remastered version of the action game rage in search of brains become zombie “Stubbs, The Zombie: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse” is 1999 yen, 20 percent off. The other day homosexual element option is added eloped life action RPG “Haven” has become such as 1650 yen, 40 percent off.

The discount rate is for sale title of the increase, thief shim “thief simulator” is 200 yen of 90% off. 200 yen cuisine shim “cooking simulator” than 90% off the real-oriented. Restaurant kitchen 350 yen of automation shim “Automachef” is 80% off. 200 yen fox adventure “The First Tree” is 80% off to find the missing family. Can create original RPG “RPG Maker MV Trinity” is 1887 yen of 78% off. 620 yen of open world survival game “GREEN HELL” 75% off in the Amazon rainforest.

JRPG style of dungeon search RPG “Battle Chasers: Nightwar” is 980 yen of 72% off. 750 yen of retro Japanese style horror action “I’m Azuma House Chestnut” of polygon tone it is 70% off. 780 yen Punipuni biological paint action “De Blob (de Blob)” is 65% off. To record and gamer skills test games and block action “Pengo!”, “Arcade Love. ~ Plus Pengo! 1999 yen – “65% off.

In addition, popular roguelike dark fantasy RPG “Darkest Dungeon” is ¥ 2475 of 50% off. Street at night search horror “night around” and yen 3839 of “around and around at night late at night,” 50% off, which was to set the “midnight around”. Stick Kung Fu action “one-finger death punch 2” has become such as 500 yen of 50% off.

Nintendo in the e shop, also a large number of the title’s sale to other than those listed here. Since the end date by the title is different, details, we want to make sure each of the store page.