Gran Turismo 7: A fan recreates the Kirby car and the result is truly adorable

Gran Turismo 7 and Kirby and the forgotten land are two of the most important launches of the month of March. So, before the generated expectation, it is not surprising that collaborations come between them. Although, really, are not officers and are made by fans , but they are equally fun.

When one of the last GamePlays of the Nintendo Switch game was shown, he stressed the possibility that the pink ball has to become anything; As in a car. That made many memes generate by the network and that we had a huge Hype for the adventure.

Now, a fan has triggered the creativity he had kept inside. Using the possibilities of GT Auto, who, that way, is the Tuning dealer of GT7 , has recreated Kirby’s car in the game of Nintendo Switch, where the character almost swallows the car and bathes it in his Characteristic pink color.

You can see it below with a Titter of the user ZerolifeX00 of Twitter, who has found the design in the game, and apparently a Japanese user called Lurikara131 .

Gran Turismo 7: первый взгляд (потом - демка Kirby The Forgotten Land)
The result is great and sure that he has dedicated him a few hours to design a car that has the characteristic eyes and mocks of Kirby Good **. He has even recreated the oxidation of the original car, which Kirby borrows from the apocalyptic scenario in which the adventure develops. A genius that, hopefully he does not feel bad to Nintendo, which is usually very shrunk with the topics of exploitation rights of his characters and copyright.

In any case, we remind you that we offer you a series of contents in our Gran Tourism Guide, Tricks and Tips section 7, which will help you get the most out of the game. In addition, you can take a look at our analysis, in which we tell you our feelings and what has seemed to us.