Core Keeper Hive Mother Boss Wrestling Guide

In this Guardián del core Hive Mother Boss Fight Guide, I’ll tell you how to find and defeat Hive Mother, a boss in the Bioma The Clay Caves.

Where to find the mother of the hive

The mother of the hive can be found in the depths of the Bioma The Clay Caves. Unfortunately, you may have to search for a long time to find it. It is easier to go to the Glurch statue at the nucleus and manufacture a Hive Mother scanner to obtain 5 old precious stones and 5 mechanical pieces. Once you use it, you will create an icon on the map that will show you where she is.

How to unlock the mother of the hive

The Hive Mother is unlocked by default at the beginning of the game.

How to win the Guardián del nucleo Hive Mother Boss Fight – Best Strategy

There are several strategies to beat this boss in our _ nucleus Hive Mother Boss Fight Guide, but none of them is easy. This is going to be your hardest fight until now.

Preparation of equipment and supplies

You will want to have the best possible equipment. I highly recommend going to Bioma The Forgotten Ruins and get enough iron to manufacture two iron swords. You will also need something tin to manufacture at least two tirachinas. Cook some abundant pepper wrappers (heart berry + pump pepper). You may also want to create some curative potions.

Finally, you will need a shovel. Yes, a shovel. 1 iron shovel should be enough, although you can get away with you with two wooden blades or copper blades if you have few materials.

preparing the sand

Fortunately, the Guardián del core The fight against Hive Mother’s head can only be started once you really attack Hive Mother. Otherwise, you can walk directly towards it without problems (except for any other monster in the area).

First, you must expand the sand. I recommend at least one 30 × 30 area with the Hive Mother in the center. Place torches around the outside to illuminate it too, even if you keep in mind that some of the enemies in the Bioma The Clay Caves will destroy the torches. Remove any of the acid puddles from the sand with your shovel and make sure you have an exhaust path if you need to run; It is better to flee and try again if you think you’re going to die.

I also recommend building a small room with a bed at least 50 blocks from the Hive Mother. This will allow you to quickly reappear if you die, saving you the hassle of having to run from your base anywhere (or from the core if you do not have a bed on your base). Make sure you put a door. It may be useful to have other work benches there as well as the repair bank.

Strategy 1 – Body to body + remote

The best strategy to beat the Guardián of the nucleus The Chief Hive Mother is a combination of body to body and distance combat. First, eat your abundant pepper envelope to obtain your benefits. Then, start attacking Hive Mother with your Iron Sword to start the battle.

The mother of the hive will shoot acid in the air where you are standing. Start moving as soon as you see an objective icon on top of your character appear.

However, that is not all the mother of the hive does: she also generates larvae of one of the five eggs that surround her. You can proactively kill eggs with body-to-hand attacks before they appear if you can cause enough damage fast enough. However, actually advised not to do this: the longer the battle, more acidic will cover the soil of each of the mother’s attacks. A better strategy is to run continuously in circles around the mother of the hive, approaching some melee blows and then receding to avoid acid attacks.

Occasionally, bright yellow larvae will be generated. Restish them with your tirachinas; They will explode in acid if they approach enough enough.

The mother of the hive will increase the speed of attack on her when her health is low. If you can keep your head cold and keep moving, you can kill it using this strategy.

Strategy 2 – Remote

Alternatively, you can use a strategy exclusively at a distance to fight against the mother of the hive. It is definitely feasible, but I recommend duplicating the size of the sand: you have at least 50 × 50 blocks with the Hive Mother in the center. You will need much more space to move while the sand is filled with acid.

Strategy 3 – Explosives

I tried to use explosives to kill the mother of the hive several times, everything went in vain. I’m sure it’s possible, but I do not recommend this strategy. If you fail, you will have used many resources at all.

Strategy 4 – Traps

I also tried to use traps to kill the mobs while firing the mother of the hive from afar. This can work, but it is a lot of problems to do it. You can probably kill the mother of the hive faster using a combination of body-to-body combat.

How to invoke the mother of the hive again

As with the first two bosses, you can re-invoke the mother of the hive using a specific idol in her invocation rune. You will have to buy an idol of invocation of the mother of the backpack merchant’s merchant.

Once the mother of the hive is summoned, you should not really begin the fight until the attacks. If you do, you can leave the sand and return to reestablish it.

Guardián del nucleus Booty of the hive chief

Here is the booty that you can get to defeat the mother of the hive in Guardián del nucleus. Note that this may not be a complete list: there could be another booty of this boss that we have not yet discovered!

Mother’s chest Colmena

  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It has 24 spaces for items (8 × 3).

Heart of Mother Colmena

  • Guaranteed fall.
  • It is used to activate the Glurch statue at the nucleus.
  • Unlock recipes for:
    • Click of larva spikes
    • Grubzooka.
    • Ancient hologram sheath

How to Kill Hive Mother - Using Melee Weapon - Core Keeper

Larva egg necklace

  • Necklace
  • +18.1% body to body damage
  • Part of a set with Lar Ring.
    • Bonus of 2 sets: Immune to be slow down by Limo.

Larva meat


Ancient precious stone

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