[Todays Steam] Risk of Lane 2

After the previous work, Risk of Lane, who was popular in the popular Indie Games, followed by the survivors of the new DLC ’employees’ released on the past 2 days. As of 1:00 on the 7th, the survivors of new DLC ’employees’ in the world’s global sales ranking was ranked second in the world, I have occupied.

Risk of Lane 2 is available up to four online cooperative plays, but only one of four DLCs can buy DLCs, and all participants can enjoy new stages and items. You can experience DLC major play in advance before purchase. In fact, it is a idea that there is no reason for a new system added to the fun and boring the fun, but it is low price, but it is low price. In fact, the steam user type of Risk of Lane 2 and ‘Survivor of the Empty’ is ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and ‘very positive’, respectively.

In addition to DL, the Eldon Ring is the first place, and Destini Guardian’s ‘Witch Queen’ DLC ranked 4th, Lost Arc Starter Pack DLC ranked 6th. Overall, DLC is higher than the main piece.

How to Unlock the Void Fiend - Survivors of The Void

On the other hand, in the top simultaneous connection TOP 20, Risk of Lane 2 was ranked 20th at the top 20 concurrent users TOP 20. In addition, the survival game Dread Hunger, which has been made of the Arctic Award, has taken the Rainbow Six: Sizes and ranked 16th.