I have played Kirby and the forgotten land and I have felt the same illusion that with Super Mario Odyssey

Although it occurred before I was born, the truth is that I grew up talking about a magic trick that became very popular. A magician named David Copperfield (and to whom I envied because he was involved with Claudia Schiffer) made the statue of freedom disappear. Obviously, it was a number of illusionism in which you know or intuit how he did, but embraces the idea because the concept and execution is wonderful.

What is this? You will ask you. It is something similar to what I feel with the titles that Nintendo DNA have. I know what they do, because Apparently they are simple design tricks , in which they take advantage of the versatility and charism of the characters of their universe to try to absolute ourselves with numbers that evolve a concept. But, as well as organizing a platform with supports, curtains and helicopters on one of New York’s most emblematic monuments, it is something that only a few chosen can execute in such an exalted way.

I felt it when I premiered my Nintendo Switch, today five years ago, with Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild ; Each one with the things of him. And I’m feeling it now, a lustro later, with the first hours of Kirby and the forgotten land. Nintendo goes so well that a game candidate of the year starred in a pink ball that absorbs everything that is on stage, and is so comfortable.

Because Kirby’s new is a game that, at least start, dares with a contrast that we have already seen in his promotional materials. It takes us to a place that, as its own title indicates, is forgotten. Abandoned. Normally, this type of settings usually have ocher and off tones, which contrasts with the striking pink tone of the protagonist and the inherent colorful that usually bring the adventures of it. Here, that sugar rush is maintained on ruins, narrow tunnels and abandoned shopping centers . A message of subtle optimism that, although it goes on a secondary plan because here the truly important is not the narrative but fun in each of its phases, evidences the talent that Nintendo has, specifically Hal Laboratory in this case To provide joy and that magic to which we were previously referring to his works.

Inheriting the virtues of Cappy

It is evident that Kirby and the forgotten land take an obvious inspiration in Super Mario Odyssey , and after playing the first world of the game, we can say that it is as close as we have been in a sequel. A tremendous flattery that can serve you as a reference to what you are going to find. The versatility that contributed Cappy to the plumber is the one that has inherently our favorite pink ball with the ability to be recurrent throughout the adventure: _ transformment _ **.

We've Played Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Is It Any Good?

We have not yet seen Kirby become dinosaur as he did Super Mario, thanks to his multidisciplinary hat. Although he could well do it. The mechanics of absorbing character of the character makes us trying on stage every two by three to what enemy we want to swallow to take use of the powers of it and use them in our favor as Ditto would do in a Pokémon combat **. Thus, we can be a clearly inspired swordsman, a hedgehog that hits with the tips of him or a magician that throws ice and fire spells, who would like George R.R Martin for the unfinished books of him.

In this way, we can play practically as we want and the times we want. Also, once we have the skills we can improve them in the Armory, giving us new options more powerful than I will surely get parties in more advanced scenarios, when everything is complicated a little more. Nor should we forget that the game has a “departure to duo” with which you can enjoy it in cooperative. The second character embodies a Waddle Dee who can not be transformed, it can launch powerful attacks and make adventure more. I have played it with my niece and the face of illusion of her from her she has reminded me that I had with Kirby Adventure almost 20 years ago .

Of course, the transformations are not reduced to this, but several of them are perfectly embedded to advance the development and contribute freshness to an exquisite level design. So, as you have seen in the videos, we can transform us into a car, in cone, in vending machines and in a lot of surprises more . It is a pity that it is only at punctual moments, because they are probably the most hilarious and fun elements of the game. Yes, of those in which you get a smile on your face without you noticing.

We will spend a thousand times

Kirby and the forgotten land is perfectly designed to play it several times. First of all because their levels are fun: this is how it is in the initial world and it seems that this will be in the rest of the game. But there is a lot of content to explore. Some levels, such as the mall, have several roads and we can even lose ourselves. That can make that we do not meet the goal of rescuing all the Waddle Dee prisoners who, on occasion, are in recondite places that will force us to try a thousand things to find them. Each mission has five objectives and three of them are hidden so that, either we find them by chance, or at the conclusion of the mission, they reveal it for a second round.

By rescuing the Waddle Dees, we will be unlocking new content, with which we managed to have a sensation of constant discovery. First, they are necessary to unlock the venta levels and the final confrontation of each world to be able to continue progressing. So, in this way, it is advisable to rebound and not leave anyone behind. An incentive without a doubt for the most completed with a task that although it does not seem that it will be as dense as to get the energilunas of Super Mario Odyssey , yes we will have a good time for the scenarios converting us In everything that Kirby pleases.

To rest a bit between mission and mission we have the city of the Waddle Dees , which seems to be the nerve center to unlock new places that help us on the way, as the aforementioned Armory, a cinema to revive the scenes Or Kirby’s house to decorate her with the figurines that we will meet for the scenarios. A place that is sure to hide many secrets, although to know them and reveal them we will have to wait for the final version.

With all this, I have the unknown of knowing if the game will keep the level of your first world. Probably, if the signing outside another study, it would have doubts, since the ingenuity and the dedication in the design of levels that we see in this Kirby is majestic . With the Nintendo seal, with that characteristic magic, I doubt that it comes down. In fact, I’m dying to keep playing and see what surprises you have reserved for us this adorable pink ball. The wait is going to be done very long until next March 25.