How to hire Rudolph Muller in a triangle strategy

There are several plot paths in Project Triangle Strategy, and the passage of each of them depends on you. Your first acquaintance with branching plot lines is happening in Chapter 3, where you have to choose between accompanied by some guests or to the Great Duchy of Esphros, or in the Holy Land Khisant. Although any route will add to your list of new characters, the choice of travel with the Messengers of Esphrost will lead to a meeting with a dubious character – Smuggler Salt, Rudolph Muller .

Note: follow the secondary spoilers about Rudolfe Muller.

Rudolph Muller, Salt Smuggler with Esphrost

Rudolf recruitment

To recruit Rudolph in Salen’s squad, firstly, you will have to convince most of your group Vote for the trip in Esfros within Chapter Three: Part One . While Frederick, Gila and Benedict would prefer to go to the Holy Land of Khisanta, you can lean the Guil and Anna to your side, using the topics for the conversation that you learned before the tournament in Chapter Second .

As soon as you arrive in the Cold Great Duchy of Esphrost, just Continue to advance the main plot until you finish in the third chapter . After the final battle of Head, Rudolph will be expelled from Esfros, leaving him with a free person, but he has nowhere to go. Then Salea invites him to serve the House of Wolffort, receiving in the process of a very useful member of the party.

Do not worry if you decide to visit Chisant instead of Esphrost in the third chapter, you you still have to recruit Rudolf on the road. He will meet later in the main history of the game, which means that you can add it to the house of Wolfforta, if serneas beliefs coincide with it .


Rudolf owns onions and wide set of tools In battle, installing traps to immobilize enemies, approached too close. It will start with a long bow, a weapon that allows him to shoot arrows in anyone unsuspecting enemies. Straighthot Shot produces a deadly arrow in one enemy, inflicting her physical damage. It has a range of four cells, which means that it can cause some damage at a distance.

Steel trap puts a trap on the field according to your choice, causing damage and the end of the turn of any enemy that comes to it. In addition, it can accommodate up three steel traps immediately on the field. This ability is great for creating a protective wall for your characters, slowing enemies and prevent their approximation.

Rudolph adds a team a little utility and offensive support, providing you with more opportunities when it comes to keeping enemies at a safe distance. If you like to place traps to lure your enemies to the trap, be sure to visit Esfrost in the third chapter, so as not to miss the opportunity to hire this witty character at an early stage!

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