Kirby and the forgotten country: demo appeared

Already three weeks before release you can try Kirby and the forgotten country for free.

Nintendo is one of the manufacturers who still relatively often publish demos from their games – and then also quite before the release of the respective full version. From Metroid Dread there is a test, from the recent Warioware game and now also from Kirby and the forgotten country, which appears on March 25 for the switch.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo Gameplay!

If you want to try out the new adventure of the pink omnivore, because you can either wait for the publication of the Jump and Runs hardly or are not sure if it is for you, you should now pay a visit to the eShop. Alternatively, you just go to the official Nintendo website, log in there with your account and then click on the download button. If the battery is not completely empty because the battery is completely empty because you forget to put it back into the docking station, the download of the 1.3 gigabyte demo is then started automatically.

The content of the free trial of Kirby and the forgotten country include three levels from the beginning of the game and the first boss fight. On the basis of which you should be able to give you a good impression of the title that allows you for the first time to explore larger 3D environments as Kirby. So far, the spherical hero, which has a stronger absorption force than any vacuum cleaner, was always running in his solo adventures only from left to right. Accordingly, Kirby and the forgotten land is probably the most exciting part of the series for a long time.

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