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GTA 5 Disclave all your graphic improvements in PS5 and Xbox Series X

Rockstar Games hGrand Theft shared what graphic improvements we can expect from GTA 5 in its debut in new generation. It will be from March 15 When the users of PS5 and Xbox X | S can access this version that, among other improvements, will present rays traced and various technical optimizations.

How hGrand Theft GTA 5 improved in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S?

The study points to this version introduces a graphic level comparable to high-end computers with “new graphic modes with up to 4k resolution, Framerate up to 60 images per second , improved textures quality, HDR option, tracing Rays, fGrand Theftter loading times, immersive 3D sound “and more.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will offer three visualization modes . The first, fidelity mode, will point to “the highest visual quality” while reducing its yield objective at 30 fps. The native 4k ray trace will be enabled, while in Xbox Series S it will cause it to rewrite the resolution. If you prefer to prioritize the softness of the frames, the Performance mode allows you to play 60 FPS with 4K rescaled (Xbox Series S at 1080p). Finally, the RT Performance mode offers a hybrid between the previous two. You can play with ray tracing at 60 images per second.

Among the improved graphic settings we can expect a increGrand Thefte in the number of NPC and vehicles by the city, greater density of vegetation, better lighting and water reflections, among many other technical and visual elements. PS5 users can expect support from the features incorporated in Dualsense, such Grand Theft haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

GTA 5 and GTA Online: PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Versions Get March Release Date - IGN Now

Online GTA does not stay behind either. We must remind you that since the launch day it will appear Grand Theft an independent application of GTA 5; In PlayStation it will be free for 3 months. If you play in the pGrand Theftt generation you will be able to transfer your multiplayer game through the Rockstar Games Social Club platform.

Reservations and preload will begin March 8 . Its physical edition is scheduled at some point in April.