All Five Locations with Tulips in Downtown Grassland – Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Each stage in Kirby and The Forgotten Land has five red tulips that you, like Kirby, should bloom.

Five places with tulips in the center of Grassland

The first tulip can be easily found at the beginning of the Downtown Grassland stage, on the left. Come on the closed flower or hit it with a projectile so that it blooms on the stump.

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The second tulip * is hidden very close to the first in the same area. Click on the switch slightly further from the first tulip to open the gate for a piece of cake behind the grille. Inside Make a step left. * You will find the Secret Path of the Second Tulip . He is waiting for you out of sight on the left edge of the scene.

Find the third tulip in the second location after Kirby goes into Traffic Cone Mouthful mode. Click A to hit the enemies and iron boxes near the third tulip is sitting on the ledge before crossing the guns .

Tulip four is in the third area, to the right of the tree immediately behind the clicking turtle. You can also find two of the three times in this area – the first one you received after the victory over the Boss of the Wild Region to get here.

The fifth and last tulip looks out of a secluded corner when you climb the stairs around the building immediately at the fourth tulip. Bull will pop up on you from there, where the fifth tulip is hidden so be sure to dare and quickly cope with it.

As soon as you defeat the second boss, you will clean the level of Downtown Grassland! Continue to play the Brawl at the Mall, the last stage of the demorality before the release of Kirby and The Forgotten Land on March 25, 2022.

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