Ultimate PPSH-41 Warzone Pacific (Season 2) Loadout: Best attachments, perks and class configuration to be used

If you are still looking for the best PPSH-41 Warzone Loadout, you have just landed in the right place. The PPSH-41 has recently been dominated to Warzone and we have developed the currently best loadout in Warzone, which allows you to decimate your competition with this impressive and fast-firing SMG. Now and then some players find a crazy new build for a unpopular weapon, which brings confusion the meta of the game and the players brings to finding new alternatives to stay competitive. This is the perfect time for the PPSH-41 **. Now this Vanguard SMG will compete with fan favorites such as Type-100, MP40 and more.

The best PPSH-41-Loadout in Warzone

The PPSH-41 SMG has great potential when it comes to close fights. This Vanguard SMG can break enemies in just a few seconds after firing the first ball. This has made it a great competitor against other SMGs in Warz1. Many players have found builds that emphasize fires from the hip themselves on medium distances, but in this build we will find a balance between speed and accuracy.

  • Schnauze : Silencer for oil cans.
  • Barrel : ZAC300MM.
  • Optics : Kovalevskaya ISO 3P.
  • Bearing : Empress S12P.
  • Fall : M1941 Handstop.
  • Magazine: 7.62 mm Dorenko 71 round magazines.
  • Munition : extended.
  • Rear handle : Polymer handle.
  • Advantage : Fixed under control.
  • Advantage no. 2 : Fast.


The silencers for oil cans may appear like a strange option, but this muffler helps in addition to the sound suppressing effect in the horizontal and vertical recoil control. If you find the recoil of the weapon too easy to handle (if you play with keyboard and mouse, for example), you can choose recoil amplifiers . This attachment increases the fire rate of the weapon, making them firing even faster than it is.


The ZAC 300 mm running increases the speed and range of the projectile and helps with the recoil control. The precision of the gun from the hip, the visor speed at targeting down and even its movement speed.


For the optics we have decided for the Kovalevskaya ISO 3P Iron sight. This option gives you a clearer image when targeting. So you can keep enemies easier than before in mind. If you do not feel comfortable with the use of iron visor, you can opt for a sighting like the decision slate reflector or the Nydar model 47 .

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The Empress S12P helps you in the accuracy and recoil of the weapons during persistent fire and also adds twitch resistance.


This essay has already been mentioned several times in our articles, so you should know the benefits of this essay. The M1941 Handstopp will help you with the recoil control and accuracy of the weapon, but the hip fire accuracy of the SMG will suffer a little below.


The 7.62 Gorenko 71 shot magazines are a must in such a build. The 71-shot magazine is more than enough when it comes to more than one opponent. This magazine option will affect your movement speed, recharge speed, and even your visor speed. The only downside is that compared to the amount of ammunition that is available in each magazine fades.


When it comes to ammunition, we decided extended . This option is a breeze for most builds. If you are looking for something else, you can use the hollow point ammunition. This type of ammunition increases limb damage and reduces the killing time when a leg or arm shot is the only thing that is available.

Rear handle

The polymer handle gives the players twitch resistance, more accuracy and recoil control with persistent fire, which makes the weapon easier to control.


Fixed under control Improves the accuracy and recoil of the weapon with continued fire, something that is crucial when you have a 71-shot magazine and several enemies on the screen.

Advantage no. 2

Quick Increases the sprint speed of the players so that they cross the card in shorter time, go in cover and close the gap between them and their enemies faster.

The best benefits you can use with the PPSH-41 on Warzone

With this PPSH-41 loadOut you will be a short distance. If you want to balance your gameplay or at least want to be more effective on medium to long distances, you should opt for the decision Overkill advantage; This allows you to wear another primary weapon. For a sniper rifle like the decision KAR98K or the Swiss K31 should enable you to fight for great distances, but if you do not feel like snipers, you can look for a storm rifle like that Decide Weight 141 or the new KG M40.

For the other two perks, you should choose the decision cold-blooded and Battle Scout perks. These are currently some of the most valuable in the game, so it’s a breeze to decide for them.

When it comes to it fatal and tactics If you are considering to decide for a or a blend grenade . If you surprise your enemies and use these two options, you can take whole troops al1. On the fatal The splinter grenade or even the SemTex is always a good option, so this time comes to the personal preferences.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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