How to get a helmet Octopus Head in Elden Ring

To get the OCTOPUS Head helmet in Elden Ring, you must kill Land Octopuses of Enemies . And in small terrestrial octopuses, and the gigantic land-based octopus will have a chance to drop the helmet.

Giant land octopus can be found near the beaches Western Limgrayiv and water area G. Lake Aguil . Small land octopuses will also appear in the same areas as gigantic land octopuses.

On the whole map both enemy will appear near the ponds and other small reservoirs. Caves and mines can also contain terrestrial colors.

Any weapon will work against the spruits, but heavy weapons will work best against gigantic. Another way to kill the enemies of the giant ground octopus is to get in front of him with the help of a quick beating blade. This is the enemy shallow, if you are fast enough.

Hitting a giant octopus charged attack from heavy weapons also stagger it. After a stunning, hit it on the beak to apply the critical damage. Repeat the process, and you will quickly kill the octopus.

Depending on how much time you need to kill a giant octopus, you can focus on killing tons of smaller ground octopuses. In the end, if the gods are smiled to you, one of the octologists will throw off the helmet from the octopus head.

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What is the octopus head in Elden Ring?

The octopus head is a lightweight helmet with decent protection against shocks. Along with the decent denial of damage from shocks, the helmet has good resistance to immunity, and the focus and vitality are the second characteristics.

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