Twitch Chat has already started playing Elden Ring

_ Elden Ring _ is definitely the game of the moment, and one of the most popular on the streaming platform, twitch . In order not to lose the habit, there was a streamer that has already put your chat to play the most recent release of fromSoftware, but all under a good cause.

Bruce Greene, Streamer at Twitch , found the way to advance the game of it in Elden Ring while he was sleeping or exercised. This streamer is making him the chat play for him while he is away from his computer thanks to commands that any spectator can run through the chat box on twitch.

Speedrunner Starts Playing Elden Ring

Greene mentioned that 50% of all the profits collected during this stream will be donated to the Red Cross of Ukraine , so he is doing it for a good cause.

This tendency to allow chat to play for you became viral in 2014 with Streams of Pokémon , and to date they continue doing it. Of course, it is not the same to play Elden Ring that something like Pokémon , so the results may not be as good this time.

Editor’s note: This type of streams has always been rare enough, and I can not imagine how it could go well in something like Elden Ring. Not only is we facing an extremely difficult game, but now we also have an open world that will be practically impossible to navigate under all these commands.