“Dead by Daylight” “Curse video tape” published for spreading curse-Count down “Rising” start

Behavior Interactive is an asymmetric competition horror “ Dead by Daylight ” Chapter 23 “Dead by Daylight |” Rising “” Sako Rising “| Curse Videothape A Trailer.

“Atsuko Rising” is a new chapter with a new chapter with a novel “ring” of Mr. Koji Suzuki and the first “ring” of the film, and a new chapter “霊” as a new sword, “Yamamura Yamamura” as a new survivor “Asakawa Yoichi Each comes with three specific parks.

The trailer is a content that is reminiscent of the movie “Ring” “Curse Videos”, and in the official Twitter, “I have no choice but to spread the curse” and I’m scolding fear. Diffusion and video viewing progressed immediately after posting, and at the time of writing (as of 2:20 in March 2, 2022), there are more than 3,000 retweets, and the number of viewings of videos in Twitter is more than 100,000, and youtube More than 40,000 times are recorded.

In addition, a Brad Rush that can be earned by a match from 1 am to 1 pm on March 1st and March 8 is also being held.

“Dead by Daylight” chapter 23 “Sako Rising” will be delivered from March 9, 2022.