Pokemon Go reveals the details of the day of the March community

During the next few months, pokémon IR will be celebrating the Alola region in large, and that will be reflected during the day of the March community. On Sunday, March 13, Sandshrew will be the center of attention, both in its original form of type land of the Kanto region, as in its variant of ice-type ALOLA. The community day event will begin at 11 am and will last until 5 pm local time. With two versions of Sandshrew appearing outstandingly during the event, players will want to be attentive to Shiny versions of both!

With all those Sandshrew that appear in the game, the players will also have the perfect opportunity to get two different versions of Sandslash. Players who develop a Kantonian sandshrew during the event or two hours will then get a sandslash who knows the attack loaded Night Slash. Players who develop a Sandshrew Alolan in that same period of time will get a sandslash who knows the quick attack Shadow Claw. Obtaining both versions of Sandslash will require many candies. Fortunately, the game store will have a free 30 Ultra Balls package, which should help players catch the number needed before the end of the event!

Speaking of the game store, players will be able to buy a ticket for a special research story for $ 1.00 on the day of the community. Highlighting the regional differences between the two versions of Sandshrew, the event is called “Gritty and Glacial”. The store will also have new stickers with both Sandshrew versions during the event, but players can also get them by turning Pokestops and exchanging gifts with friends.

It will be interesting to see if Niantic continues to offer community day events focused on Alolan Pokemon during the coming months. The Alala season of the game is scheduled to last until June 1, presenting a series of Pokémon that debuted in pokémon Sol and Luna, and offering special research based on the different Alala Islands. Readers interested in learning more about the new season can do it right here.

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