Schaffelhuber criticizes promotion Paralympic athletes

“I find the development very questionable. In the past, the number of athletes was much higher, which did not have to stop their professional pillar,” said the 29-year-old in the SID interview. The promotion is simply “not equal to the Olympic sport” in Paralympic sports “. This must get the sports policy under control.

Otherwise Germany is in the handicapped sport “fast in front of major proof of appreciation”, the monoski driver resigned in 2019 led out. In your own sport Para Ski Alpin already there are these problems. “The last three years was gradually set up again, which has been missed for many years. It happens, but it happens very little. The fruits come, but the time to the games was too short,” Schaffelhuber said.

Schaffelhuber expects “complicated” games

Team GB Olympic and Paralympic athletes on achieving your goals | Master. the Art | Bazaar UK
After their own resignation as well as the lack of service provider Andrea Eskau, the Bayer’s Beijing expects “complicated” games in Beijing for the German team. “I’m worried about the whole sport,” she said, “If the successes do not come, it is a bit understandable that the media attention is no longer so there and the whole sport is something out of the focus.”