How to perform a secret Quest Dalian Garden in Lost Ark

Secret Quest Dalian Orchard can be found in Blooming Garden in Eastern Lutterra . Because this is a secret quest, it will not be displayed on your mini card. Instead, you will need to fulfill certain requirements to get it.

Lost Ark Dalian Orchard's Secret Quest Guide!

Where to get a secret quest Dalian garden

The quest can be started by receiving Key from Konnie Garden . This “key” subject (Heh) can be obtained by defeating enemies in Dalian garden This is a small territory to the west of Siena Inn .

If you have any problems with obtaining an item, we ourselves received an item from twisted Dalian rather quickly.

Where is the secret warehouse in the Dalian garden?

After receiving the key and activate the quest using the subject in your inventory, you will need to find the specified warehouse. However, it will not be marked on your card. You will need to find it manually in place marked in the image above. You will understand that this is the right place, because a large orange and sparkling circle appears on Earth.

Once in a circle, go through, it would seem, a solid door to enter the small room with one person inside. Talking with this person, you complete the quest. You will need to manually take rewards for the quest through the quest magazine.

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