There are already official synopsis for the SPIN sleeve

The Naruto franchise has been enjoying new life thanks to Boruto: Next Generations, However, the fans of the saga can also enjoy many other spin-off projects that are already in development. Among them we have satsuke retsude , a graphic novel that will soon be adapted to the manga.

SATSUKE RETSUDEN: The Uchiha Descndants and The Heavenly Stardust is the name you will receive this next adaptation. History, which was initially published as a graphic novel, will finally give up on the sleeve. This means that many readers can enjoy it soon, and thanks to shuheisha , we already have the official synopsis that says:

GenerationS, трек TechNet. Вячеслав Каймин о проекте «Вибраций Нет»

“Sasuke visits the Astronomy Research Institute, very distant from the Earth of Fire. To find Rikudo Sennin tracks, Sasuke joins Sakura on this trip and begins a secret investigation. However, a plan of life or death is already at stake. The married couple must face the challenges that come with this surprise research. “

As you can see, this story was developed after the events of Naruto: Shippuden. Sasuke and Sakura are already married at this point, and this manga will show us the secret adventures of the couple.