Local block chain game, abroad in March

The game that is a native block chain game is to be a fierce competition overseas except for some areas such as domestic and China.

While the Wemaid is a good news of Mir 4 Global, the new work in which Netmarble and Com2s Holdings is preparing is being prepared.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, Netmarble, WMADID, COM2S Group, Neowiz, and others are scheduled to showcase a new block chain.

First, Netmarble said, followed by the ‘A3: Steel Alive Global’, following the block chain game ‘Golden Bros’, respectively.

The next month ‘Golden Bros’, which is provided by PC Mobile Early Access (ahead), has played fun of the three-to-third battle. This game compared to Global Popular Games ‘Brol Stas’ is converted to April formal services.

‘A3: Steel All Laurent Global’ is a key feature that combines NFT technology, such as a block chain, which allows users to buy items to buy items in an existing service “A3: Steel All Laurice”. This game applies utility token innertrium.

The Wemoid, which was attentioned by the ‘Mir 4 Global’ last year, is also removing the new work. The “Rise of Stars (ROS) and WMADID Connect ‘s” Rise of Stars (ROS) and WMADID Connect, which are developed by WMATE Max, are representative.

‘ROS’ is a strategy simulation genre of the universe SF background, “Ebrytown” was known to be a feature of the SNG game of the same name as a block chain version.

The on-boarding partners of the game platform, the block chain of WMADID, are planning to take the new work from the next month. Joey City is a ‘Essential Municipal: Krypto Contribute’, and Plewworks’ ‘Dark Eden M’ and Long Tong Korea have been launched in the launch of the ‘Gloves Global’.

Com2us Holdings and Com2s also show a block chain game through platform C2X, respectively. Com2us Holdings is ‘: AFK Croble Croble’, Com2us plans to launch ‘Summer Nourn: Chronicles’ to the next month.

The ‘Crooft Classes: AFK Raid’ in advance reservations: AFK Raid ‘is a defensive RPG that emphasized fun to foster the character. This game of medieval fantasy backgrounds provides fun of 4-person party play in strategy battles that utilize various character skills.

‘Summer Nourner: Chronicle’ is attracting attention in the latest in the series of ‘Summer Nourne’ series, a global popular IP. This game was scheduled to be released as a general MMORPG, but it is a result of a muted block chain.

Here, Neowiz opened a global taging site of the game ‘Kri-Golf Golf Impact’, which has succeeded ‘golf impact’ IP ‘Golf Impact’ IP. This game also participates in the next month competition.

The game, which is a native block chain, is expected to be released more than 100 units. It is said that the new year is pouring every month from the next month. In recent years, NCsoft has been achieved that the version of NFT, which is the block of NFT, “Lineage W”, was introduced to the second service area (North America Europe, etc.).

Individual officials said, “The new native block game competes in full swing from March. The situation in Mir 4 is expected to have a surprise news,” The game is a blockchain game recently. This year, I have to watch whether we can replace the global work. “