Fortnite leaks suggest that inclined towers may be in trouble

Fortnite Tilted Towers just returned to the game not long ago, but it seems that Epic Games may already be preparing another cataclysm to inflict the popular point of interest. The leaks arising from data mining efforts have indicated that the hot spot can soon be the site of earthquakes and subsequent sinks or some other type of crater that could pose a problem for the city. However, nothing has not happened, so the players now simply speculate what can happen to Tilted Towers.

The suggestions about what could happen with Tilted Towers come from fortnite Language filtering and Tipsters as FortTory. The Twitter user and fortnite Tracker shared the image below showing “three upcoming craters” that will apparently be soon formed on the map. These craters could be anywhere else on the map and generate few concerns, but the fact that they triangulen around Tilted Towers it seems that it is not a coincidence considering the turbulent past of the location.

Together with that Tweet, the Twitter Koooooomar user shared another image that showed what is said to be the path of an earthquake that will soon hit fortnite map. We have already heard about that earthquake once or twice during this season from this kind of advice, and if there is something that can successfully change a map as fortnite is an earthquake apparently, the sites of these earthquakes have also been mapped with tilted Towards again surrounded by the natural disaster.

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However, as is the case with any of these types of leaks or teasing those that are online, there are few indications of when this type of thing will materialize or to what extent the different parts of the game will affect. Epic Games, of course, has not yet said anything definitive about fortnite plans for Tilted Towers or any other part of the map, so we will have to wait until we really see rumors in fortnite to see how Tilted Towers could be affected.