FC Bayern | Next Sweetheart at Tolisso?

Next Sweetheart in the poker for Corentin Tolisso? After the Frenchman last convinced with good performances in services of Bayern, in some cases, a contract extension was speculated. But it will not come despite his convincing appearances.

Even the significant increase in performance of Corentin Tolisso in the jersey of Bayern in recent weeks will probably not be able to offer the Frenchman to the Frenchman. This reports “Corentin Tolisso1”.

Tolissos convincing appearances would have changed nothing to the critical assessment of the Munich Chief Day over the world champion, the sender wants to know. Means: A separation in summer is much more likely than a whereabouts.

According to “Corentin Tolisso1”, the midfielder should be able to imagine staying longer with the German record champion. But even if Hasan Salihamidzic and Co. should submit a new contract, this is probably not nearly the ideas of the 27-year-old. For this, so the conviction of Bayern bosses, the world champion has simply brought his class in recent years too rarely in the place.

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FC Bayern several weeks without Tolisso

Whether Tolisso would also be satisfied with significantly lower covers, is unknown. Probably probably is that the Frenchman in the summer better offers than that of the Munich. With the AS Roma, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona, ​​numerous well-known clubs have been associated with his obligation in the summer of 2022 in recent weeks.

Self-promotion will not be able to operate the Frenchman in the coming weeks. In the Bundesliga game against Fürth, the 27-year-old moved to injury again. This time it’s “only” a muscle fiber rupture in the thigh, yet he will be missing the team around three to four weeks according to “picture”.