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Royal Road Adventure Fantasy RPG App “Aerijima Chronicle” Prior Registration Start! A pre-registration campaign can be held for rare characters etc. according to the number of registrations!

Inc. Inc. has notified that the Royal Road Adventure Fantasy RPG App “Eternal Cronicle” has started.

Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, HTTPS: // started accepting pre-registration of the Royal Road Adventure Fantasy RPG App “Eternal Cronicle”. The benefits are step-up according to the number of registrants, and the pre-registration campaign is being held to receive various luxurious rewards for rare characters. In addition, Twitter will also hold a campaign.

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February 10, 2022 (Thu) to March 3, 2022 (Thursday) [Schedule]

# What is “Aijima Chronicle”?

Adventure Fantasy RPG to unfold in the island floating in the sky! Summon historical great people in the roots and summon a rich “Caesarean” and go on a journey of adventure!

Employs a full-automatic battle full of exhilarating! 5 We will develop your own camp with a large scale & rich skill and aim for the strongest team!

Reproduce the civilization of humanity in civilization search and construction! A lot of embedded elements and multi elements! Let’s enjoy the adventure while working hard with rivals!

# # A pre-registration campaign to receive rare characters is underway!

Every time the number of pre-registrants increases, the benefits to all users are luxurious and luxurious!

In addition to valuable rare items, the super rare character SSR Caeo “Etur” and the battlefield “Pegasus” will be aware of the service! Well, let’s register now!

# # Latest information catches with Twitter!

Official Twitter opened! The latest information will be updated here at any time! Do not miss it!

Official Twitter

# # “2 major Twitter Campaign” to get rare items also implemented!

“2 major Twitter campaigns” that can be acquired by various rare items with the accomplishment of the condition! Feel free to join and get a luxury item!

【Part 1】
Official Twitter Account Following and Target Tweets Get Luxurious Benefits with RT!

Condition Benefits Number of Winners (lottery)

Follower number 200 & Target Tweets RT20 Achievement | Holy Spirit × 10 | 10
Followers 500 & Target Tweet RT50 Achievement | SSR Caesaro Ellewe Box × 1 | 5
Number of followers 1000 & Target Tweet RT100 Achievement | Month Path × 1 | 3
Followers 1500 & Target Tweet RT150 Achievement | Battle Beast “Ghost Dragon” × 1 | 3
Follower number 2000 & Target Tweets RT200 Achievement | UR Caesarian Ellewe Box x 1 | 3

[Part 2]
During the campaign period, you will be posted on the “Aijima Chronicle” official Twitter account, and if you retweet more than a specified number of pre-registered people, you will receive a luxury benefits for all servers users! Don’t forget to follow!

Number of achievements Participation conditions Benefits
Number of pre-registrants 10000 people Target tweet RT count 100 or more + Follow Diamond × 500
Number of pre-registrants 20000 people Target tweet RT count 100 or more + Follow Holy Spirit × 10
50000 pre-registrant Target tweet RT count 100 or more + Follow Holy Spirit × 3

# Characteristics of “Eternal Cronicle”

# # Separate Teams and your own team!

In the “Eternal Island Chronicle” The combination of cesarons is infinite! Let’s organize the strongest team!

# # With full auto battle, the enemy is exhaustive!

Employs a feeling of exhilarating quickly! Experience the overwhelmingly comfortable feeling of overwhelming to anything!

# # Freedom element full!

Caesarean equipment, feet beasts, and fostering content such as genitals are full! You can get stronger anywhere!

# # Civilization Development is also a good taste!

Civilization Development is also one of the best things of “Eternal Chronicle”! Reproduce the era flourished by the construction of civilization!

# # Corrug the rivals with rivals!

The existence of rivals is essential to become strong! Work hard to aim at a further stage!
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