Lost Ark: How to solve the quest “anytime, everywhere”

From Level 50 you get in Lost Ark the quest “at any time, everywhere” . So you do not have to ponder the task for a long time, you will learn here:

  • Where you get the task

  • What kind of items you find
  • Where the items are hidden

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Here you get the quest “anytime, everywhere”

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To start the quest in Lost Ark, you have to travel to Hertz and reach at least level 50 . There you should help the NPC Nison to find his daughter Grace. He needs information from prisoners sold by the island.

Your task is now to find the prisoners to free them and ask them to contact you as soon as they have information about Grace.

A total of three information you need, the “information collected information” will be given to Nison. If you have all items together, you can plan the next steps with the worried father.

“Anytime, everywhere”: So you finish the quest in Lost Ark

Three items named “Collected Information” you need for the conclusion of this quest. You can get this of freed prisoners in the region. Sounds quite simple, but unfortunately it is not.

To free the prisoners, your pirate coins needs. These only get you through the fulfilling of other tasks, through special events or fishing. If you want to know more accurate, look at our guide to the pirate coins.

Have you freed a prisoner, you receive as thanks to a “bag of a released betray” sent in your mailbox. If you have the premium effect of the “crystalline aura”, you can open your mailbox from any location. If this is not the case, you have to pick up the letter only with a postman.

And now the hour of truth comes: Not every prisoner also has the information needed around Grace and your whereabouts. If you are unlucky, the bag is not filled with the quest item “collected information” and the rescue operation was free.

In addition, you can give a day only five inmates the freedom. This means that you need more than one day for fulfilling the quest through the non-guaranteed drop chance with pitch.

But can be seen the rewards for finishing the quest , who you then solved them at some point:

  • 3x courage
  • 370 Cader EP
  • 4x engraving manual: unusual selection chest (class extraction)
  • 12,000 silver
  • 2,100 pirate coins

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