Savchenko memories of figure skating: punches and eating withdrawal

In an interview of the sender EuroSport, the native Ukrainian reported on Saturday of blows, the withdrawal of food and forced to workout.

“I had coaches who have beaten me with Schutern on the head when I made any elements badly. I had coaches who have shot with water pistols in the cold ice rink. I had coaches who have given us little food,” saying Savchenko in the interview.

“For lunch salad, in the evening nothing”

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The 38-year-old said it was sometimes like a punishment: “Getting up in the morning, first on the scales, then eating a little bit of salad, in the evening, there were no courses, where we were hungry. We have in the canteen Secretly asked for food, stolen here and there a little stolen and hidden. “

She also had a coach who forced her to workout, although it had not gone from her body. On a course in Russia, a trainer has asked her to lose weight by putting two fingers in his mouth after eating and handed over, Savchenko also reported.

Case Valieva: “With 15 you are still too young”

Savchenko, who won in 2018 for Germany Olympic Gold with her French partner Bruno Massot, commented against the background of the Falls of the Russian figure skating teenager Kamila Valieva at the winter games in Beijing. The 15-year-old, which is determined because of a positive doping test, had occupied fourth rank after a disappeared injection and was not comforted from their trainer, but criticized.

Savchenko spoke out for a minimum age for participants. “From 16, 17, 18 it would be reasonable. With 15 you are still too young. With 17 or 18 you go with other thoughts to the matter and maybe you can decide for yourself: I do that or do not I do that?” Said Savchenko.