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How to equip Face Paints in Horizon Forbidden West

How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, players can equip ela face paints. They change the appearance of an ela face and can be equipped in several different places on the map. Facial paint merchants You can find in Bastion , Tronmarsh as well as Flickering spear and will allow players to buy, equip and change coloring for Ela’s face.

What makes Face Paints in Horizon Forbidden West?

Face Paints adds another level of setting for Horizon Forbidden West players, but for now they seem just cosmetic. Elau has a wide selection of face colors in Horizon Forbidden West at a relatively low price ( from one to ten metal fragments ), which allows players to feel more related to the character they play.

Other items that change the appearance of a character, such as armor and weapons, have a much greater impact on the gameplay, but Face Paints are still interesting to play, even if it is only because of his aesthetics.

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