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Beginner support equipment for “Monster Hunters” free update to February 24 delivery. Since this update, the STEAM version is also synchronized distribution content

Capcom announced that free update (Ver3.9) was implemented on February 24 at “ Monster Hunterization “. This update implements beginner support equipment that supports the quest of the game. The update will be delivered on the same day as both Nintendo Switch and PC (STeam) version. After Ver 3.9 and later, it is said that it plans to synchronize the distribution contents of both platforms.

New equipment that appears in the update is introduced towards a beginner hunter who will play this work from now on. “Natari weapons” 14 types, armor “Kuroobi series”, and skilled forth are prepared. These equipment can be received from the menu “additional content” in the “postal shop” of the village of Kamura after reflecting the update.

For foul weapons, all weapon types appearing in this work are prepared. Both are high attack power to support the quest of the early stage. Each weapon can be strengthened by advancing the game. By enhancing, hunting up to the upper quest is advanced.

In this work, various weapons can be created by collecting materials for each monster. On the other hand, if you play the series for the first time, you may be lost in creating any weapons. Even in such a sense, it is appreciated that the quest of the early stage can be captured with one foul weapon.

In addition, high defense is also supported by high defense, with high defense. Total defense power at the time of 5 parts is 150. At maximum strengthening, it will reach 180. With regard to the skills that can be activated at the time of equipment, the “attack” that increases the attack power, the “physical power recovery amount UP” that increases the amount of recovery when using item, and the “earplug”, which mitigates the dead at the time of monsters, etc. It seems that more than one thing that serves in the species is triggered. By receiving the protective armor, overlaying equipment can be obtained simultaneously. It is likely to have usage other than beginner hunter, such as challenging new coordination.

Skilled protection is equipped with “body technique” skills and “physical strength recovery UP” skills that reduce consumption of stamina consumption behavior. In accordance with the weapons and armor, the protection is well equipped and the hunting of monsters will be challenged.

By the way, in this work, convenient equipment that can be used immediately is available for free delivery, other than the equipment added in this update. For example, in the armor “Guild Cross Series”, equipped with skills with a large amount of ore and the like, and skills that make it easier to maintain the stamina, and the like. By equipping the “House’s Ost Stone” during delivery, field search will be comfortable. We would like to prepare for quests to take advantage of these distribution equipment and prepare for the super large extended content “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sun Break” scheduled to be released in summer of 2022.

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The free update Ver 3.9 of “Monster Hunterize” is scheduled to be delivered on February 24.